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You might have a passed score of IBPS PO below 160 like mine which is 151 and you are in general category. You might have spent more than 3400 rupees like me in applying to various banks but felt like cheated because though all the banks say they are calling candidates with 130 145 etc scored in general and 121-123 in SC/ST OBC categories guess what they will never call you. If you still have brains don’t waste your money here are the various list of banks and their cut off marks.Allahabad Bank cut off marks

166 162 150 139 114 149 114

This is the cut off marks which they have announced now, but what about the advertisement in which they said they will accept candidates with 125 marks in general category 112 for reserved one. Surely this is way below the marks which were announced earlier, its simple banks will neither remit your money neither, will they call you. You are just wasting your money in applying to various banks.

I think Union bank was the best which had earlier kept the cut off marks high so only the selected number of candidates can apply. This way not only the banks are making the candidates feel awful, insecure and hurting their efforts and mental state of mind they are surely not interested in caring about your financial status. They don’t care how you are getting money from how much efforts are being put up by poor students in apply to such exams. They should set some standard of marks to which will entertain students. So only those candidates will apply who are really deserving.

Bank of Baroda cut off marks

174 167 159 149 132 162 151

As per the advertisement of Bank of Baroda, candidates with 120 marks in general category and 105 marks in SC/ST/PWD etc could apply. But when the cut off marks came out most of you must have felt like a hammer on your head. Its 50 marks more than what was advertised earlier. Why are banks doing this, only one reason yes financial reason.

Similarly, candidates like me in general and other categories who have scores from 150-160 were expecting calls from atleast one of the banks because they had qualified the exam as well as they were fit to apply in all these interviews but it seems that even after qualifying the exams candidates have to spend so much money, I have spent about 3400 rupees in applying to 17 banks because i had a valid score of 151 which is quite well for general category but i was never called similarly my friend who had a score of 123 in OBC category expected calls from some banks who were asking for score below 120 for reserved category but we only wasted money we were never called.

This is a lesson for those candidates who have wasted money and time like us, running from bank to bank in scortching heat and standing in bank queues for hours just to get a job. And at the end despite all these efforts you feel cheated because your marks were not enough. What is the IBPS exam good for if despite a good and valid score you don’t get even a single interview call and are jobless. Government should intervene into this matter of why students and candidates are being harassed by banks. Why is that they are saying candidates with a certain marks can apply but are never called they should ensure that only those candidates should apply whom they think they will call and exact cut off marks or probable cut off should be announced before hand.

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-From a frustrated (EXTREMELY POOR AND UNRESERVED) GENERAL candidate